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Organo Gold’s Home Based Business Opportunity

Organo Gold produces organic gourmet coffee, hot chocolate, tea, Ganoderma capsules, cleansing soap, and tooth paste. Organo Gold‘s primary vision is to satisfy the demands of today’s consumer by offering a much healthier choice. Organo Gold‘s products are based on using the mushroom Ganoderma, which has been utilized as a therapeutic mushroom in traditional Chinese medicine for more than four thousand years.

Organo Gold utilizes a patent method to infuse the natural herb Ganoderma in every Organo Gold product. Organo Gold has the largest natural organic Ganoderma farms in the world, thus developing absolutely the finest 100% certified pure Ganoderma. Organo Gold’s coffee is created using a gourmet blend of Arbiaca coffee beans which are grown in South America. Visit our online store to purchase our products.

All Organo Gold’s distributors generate a average of 50 % commission rate on direct selling, and also earn commissions on different levels. Organo Gold is an ideal home-based business opportunity for anybody who would like to make extra cash, on a part-time or full-time basis. Organo Gold provides a intensive range of training & advice for its distributors which include the Organo Gold University, local seminars, web seminars, radio and conferences. As an Organo Gold Distributor you can grow your business team by creating a local, regional and world-wide representative organization.

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home-based business opportunity.”

Organo Gold Distributor’s Wanted

Find your niche as an entrepreneur and capitalize from the new trends affecting gourmet distributors and retailers. Become a top income earner and enjoy the flexibility and financial freedom that you have always dreamed of by joining our team of successful distributors and growing your Organo Gold business with us. I teach my new distributors the following five benefits that come with being plugged into the Organo business.

Why Become A Organo Gold Distributor?

Reputation: The Organo Gold system is synonymous with quality, taste and class. Your customers will appreciate the fine ingredients and natural processing that is in line with our product. They will know that you value only the best, and your sales will follow. The health and wellness industry is exploding, and with more consumers looking to take charge of their health and lead healthier lifestyles, you will see your sales skyrocket and your profits soar.

Exclusive Ingredient: The Ganoderma product is innovative and unique. The Ganoderma based product is certified organic and will offer your customers a healthier alternative to regular coffee that is sold in stores and coffee shops. By offering the Organo Gold Products with Ganoderma, you will be offering your customers a product that they will not easily find elsewhere.

A Proven Plan of Success: By joining the Organo Gold team, you will have access to a network of like-minded individuals committed to your success. Your earning potential is unlimited when you tap into the resources that will bring you the financial freedom you have always desired. Find your niche as an entrepreneur and write your own ticket through our proven Organo gold training system of success.

Our Products: From our organic green tea to hot chocolate and coffee, we offer only the best. We use only the finest ingredients and pride ourselves on our commitment to the environment. This allows you to tap into segments of consumers that appreciate quality and will share this knowledge with others, in turn, bringing you more business and profits.

A Unique Opportunity: There is no time like the present to capitalize on the current health trend. Our executive king of compensation plan rewards our members generously for their knowledge, expertise and people skills. Our members have seen incredible returns, with life-changing income opportunities. This has been made possible with Internet marketing and network marketing. Fill out your distributor application today and become a part of the Organo Gold team and you will discover a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

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